Lolly Massages

Swedish Massage Therapy

Designed to treat areas of strain and tension using specialized techniques, along with light or deep pressure adjusted to provide relief and deep relaxation. Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.

1/2 hr. ~ $45

3/4 hr. ~ $60
1 hr. ~ $75
1-1/2 hr. ~ $100

Face and Scalp Massage
Relieve jaw tension and dryness with a warm oil conditioner for the scalp and a hydrating moisturizer for the face.

1/2 hr. ~ $45

Lymphatic Drainage
By aiding the circulatory system, this gentle face, neck and shoulder treatment helps to remove excess fluid and pressure while reducing pain.

1/2 hr. ~ $45

Deep Tissue Massage
 Specific to areas described as "knot-like", this deep full body massage fatigues the affected muscle fibres and allows them to release built-up pressure and tension. Sometimes there is no gain without some pain. Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.

1-1/2 hr. ~ $100

 Prenatal Massage
Performed in a side-laying position with the use of a special full-body pillow, this massage aids changing muscles and ligaments during each stage of pregnancy.

1 hr. ~ $75