Spa Body

Body Butter
Skin Type: Dry
Product Description: Pamper your skin with our lush paraben-free, nourishing body butter.  Rich natural butters of shea, avocado and coconut are so rich they virtually melt when applied.  This non-greasy formula absorbs quickly to restore hydration and softens to the driest skin.

Client Use: Apply liberally to all of body as desired. Allow 2-3 minutes for complete absorption.

Available in:
Vanilla Bean
Citrus Soother

Packaging: 4 ounces/112ml

Aromatherapy Spray
Product Description: Revive skin with this soothing light oil spray.  Hydrating Aloe Vera and Vitamin E soothe and calm providing immediate relief for dry devitalized skin. Skin will appear softer and more hydrated.  Suitable for use on face and body.

Client Use: Shake before using. Sprits lightly on body and as a light facial moisturizer. Can be used after sun exposure. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use with pregnancy.

Available in:
Vanilla Bean
Citrus Soother

Packaging: 4 ounces/125ml

Body Lotions
Product Description: A luxurious body treatment lotion for a long-lasting, silky smooth finish to replenish dry or dehydrated skin. Botanical extracts, vitamin E and plant oils soothe and soften the body without feeling greasy while essential oils create a delightful sensory experience!

Available in:
Mandarin / Vanilla
Thai Lemongrass

Packaging: 4 ounce / 112 ml

Lolly Good Advice:
• Suitable for all skin types.
• Wears well under clothing.
• Contains almond oil and walnut oil.

Sugar Body Polishes
Skin type: All skin types
Product Description: A stimulating full body scrub and an excellent alternative to salt. Natural sugar sloughs dead skin cells without stinging, leaves skin ultra smooth and silky.

Client Use: For use in shower. Scoop out a handful of sugar polish and apply to damp skin in brisk circular motions all over body. Rinse thoroughly and follow with body lotion.

Available in:

Eucalyptus / Mint
Mandarin / Vanilla
Sugared Grapefruit
Thai Lemongrass
Himalayan Honey
Raspberry Creme

Packaging: 8 ounce / 250 ml
Lolly Good Advice:
• Can be used after shaving.


Deep Conditioning Nail Oil
Product Description: This superb nourishing oil dramatically softens dry and damaged cuticles, making them disappear in an instant! Nutrient-rich jojoba and holly oils, keratin protein, and natural anti-oxidant vitamins A and E combine to encourage cellular renewal and protect nail beds, resulting in strong, healthy nails. An excellent way to keep manicures and pedicures looking fresh and attractive!

Packaging: .5 ounce / 15 ml

Lolly Good Advice:
• While polish may stay fresh for days, cuticles can quickly become dry again within hours of a manicure/pedicure treatment.
• Applying a small amount of Deep Conditioning Nail Oil to each cuticle, and nails will look fresh again!
• Jojoba oil reduces transepidermal water loss and penetrates rapidly, making skin soft and supple.
• Slips easily into purse for quick touchups.
• Lavender scent provides a soothing aromatherapeutic element to your spa nail treatments.


Nourishing Hand Crème
Product Description: This creamy hand formula will soften and smooth rough, dry skin and cuticles without feeling greasy. Infused with soothing botanicals such as calendula and chamomile, aloe Vera extract and keratin to moisturize and protect, and antioxidants to promote younger looking skin. A delicious blend of tangerine and vanilla essential oils provides a wonderful sensory experience.

Packaging: 2.5 ounce / 70 ml

Lolly Good Advice:
• Creamy formula massages in quickly, without leaving a greasy feel.
• Antioxidants aid in cellular renewal.
• Calendula and chamomile soothe rough, chapped skin.
• Pleasing essential oils of tangerine and vanilla.


Tension Relief Balm
Product Description: Recommended for anyone who seeks relief from muscle pain, tension, headache or body aches. This unique natural remedy features feverfew, traditionally used in herbal medicine for easing migraine; also contains peppermint and rosemary oil to improve circulation, while an exclusive blend of botanical extracts and nutrients soothe the mind and body, bringing an instant sense of calm.  

Packaging: 1.4 ounce / 40 ml

4 ounce/ 112 ml

Lolly Good Advice:  
• Great for stressed, overworked, tired individuals who suffer from muscle tension or stress-related headaches.  

Aromatherapy Candles     
Product Description: Lolly's soy based essential oil candles feature lead-free wicks and heat-released aromatherapy scents. Contained within frosted glass with a lid for elegant showcasing. Recommended as part of a stress relief home spa treatment for the chronically tense. Enjoy hours of candlelit pleasure as you escape into aromatherapy bliss.

Client Use:  Trim wick to ¼ inch before each lighting. Burn 2 to 4 hours at a time.

Available in: 

Cinnamon Plum, Cognac

Peppermint, Sage and Rosemary
Thai Lemongrass


Lolly Good Advice:
• Keep wax pool free of debris.
• Burn on a heat resistant surface. Container may become hot to the touch.
• Extinguish candle when wax reaches ¼ inch from bottom.


Herbal Bath Teas  
Product Description: Convenient tea bags filled with aromatic botanicals and essential oils.  Drop one in the bath for a sensory treat!  

Client Use: Run bath as normal. Remove Herbal sachet from outer pouch and place in bath. After 1-2 minutes enter bath and enjoy. Remove from bath before draining.

Available in:
Cedar, Pine, Irish Moss
Rose, Jasmine, Hydrangea
Ginger, Orange, Lemongrass

Packaging: 6 sachets

Lolly Good Advice:
• Botanical contents should not be removed from sachet or used in a Jacuzzi.
• Do not take internally as this product is intended for external use only.